Air Misting Machines

Misting machine systems are beneficial for maintaining the suitable climate inside orangeries of any breadth.

The mist fogging machines can also help in speeding up the growth of plants in a surrounding.

They help to reduce the amount of water for irrigation. It is a good thing, as water is becoming scarce day by day.

These mist machines can prove damn helpful when it comes to spreading chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides.

Types of Misting systems

There are three types of misting systems going around the circuit: low pressure, mid pressure, and high-pressure mist system.

Low pressure

This is the fundamental sort of misting system having a pressure range of 40 psi-60 psi. This can provide a decent amount of cooling in the temperature range of 20-degree Fahrenheit.

Mid pressure

A mid pressure misting system needs a 200-psi pump to operate, as opposed to a low-pressure one. The quality of mist of the mid-pressure misting system is better than a lower grade.


A high-pressure misting system uses a special pump of 1000 psi or 1500 psi. The quality of mist delivered by this type of system is ultra-fine without leaving any residual moisture. It does not keep the surroundings wet.

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