Zero Waste Management Plant

Zero Waste Management Plant

Trommel Screen

A trommel is mining equipment comprising of a cylindrical drum that has many holes of a given size. There is a mechanical solution to separating out the waste and categorize them; these machines are called Trommels. They are heavy-duty screening machines widely used in the waste processing industry and MSW plants to separate the different types of waste.

A trommel screen consists of a cylindrical drum that has many different size holes on its surface and works in a circular motion. As the drum rotates, the screen allows a particular size of waste to be separated out forming a pile eg manure while the waste that is bigger than the size of the hole is retained at the back of the cylinder.

However, the machine requires some manpower for smooth operation, it is easy to use and operation safe. It is even possible to operate a trommel for both dry and wet waste. They are highly effective machines which play an important role in our Zero Waste Mission as waste recycling and waste reuse is only possible once the waste is correctly separated.

Waste Segregation Capacity: 50 ton – 300 ton per day

Specialities of our Trommel/Why our Trommel?
  1. Rubber tyre of sufficient size used for the circular motion
  2. Single wheel drive which is easy to operate and maintain
  3. Iron spring wire mesh is used for longer life and more perforation area.
  4. Strong build structure.
  5. Self-cleaning brushes are installed








    1. Simple to operate and handle
    2. Easy to maintain
    3. Can handle waste with excess moisture also
    4. Self-Cleaning brushes – We are the only one providing trommel with self-cleaning brushes

Why prefer Trommel machines manufactured by DCC?

Advantages of a Trommel:

Backed by our vast experience we are leading Trommel Manufacturers in India. We have been serving our customers with a passion for innovation and providing the best quality products. Some of the qualities that set our Trommel machine apart are:

  • Excellence in both wet and dry applications.
  • Trommel consists of concentric end sections and beam design with bolt-on screen plates for waste segregation.
  • Trommel Screen manufactured by us has self-cleaning brushes.
  • They are available in a variety of diameters and lengths depending upon the capacity of Waste Segregation.
  • Customer satisfaction is our main motive hence trommel machines by us are low cost and easy to maintain.
  • Simple to set up: They can be set up somewhere near the source of the auriferous stuff, where the water can be fed into the drum unit and there is a power source to run the unit.

Can easily break up cemented or compacted material in the scrubber section.

Following are the disadvantages of a Trommel:

  • Portability issue: Often, larger production units are not very portable and often remain stationary when set up, while gravel is transported to them and gravel and rocks are moved away. It is difficult to transport them to remote areas unless they are towed to the site.
  • The bigger manufacturing units are often not inexpensive and could have substantial start-up costs.

Additionally, they require tools, spare parts, gasoline or diesel fuel (in fuel models), and batteries.

Types of Trommels:

Trommel Screen VS Vibrating Screen

Screen Type

Trommel Screen

Vibrating Screen

Energy Cost

Small, 50% of other sieve types



With sealed enclosure, low noise


Service Life



Working Environment

Good, there is a sealed isolation cover

Poor, unsealed cage

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