Ballistic Separator

Ballistic Separator

Ballistic separator, as the name indicates is a high load segregating device that separates out wastes of different kinds. It consists of parallel agitating paddles and a deck which oscillate at high speed so as to sort a stream of waste passed through it. Waste products having similar shapes and sizes are separated out from the rest in two or three fractions, for example, the stones, C&D waste (Construction & Demolition waste), glass and metal substances are easily separated from the reusable paper, plastic, cardboard, and other recyclable products along with RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) while the rest minus material is separated out.

This machine can be used in both big and small plants as it is highly adjustable and simple to install.

Waste Segregation Capacity: 100 ton – 300 ton per day

    1. Fast production
    2. Less Wear & tear
    3. Separated 3 Fractions of Material
    4. Easy to maintain
    5. Low power consumption
    6. Low manpower requirement
    7. Long-lasting bearing system
    8. Easy and low maintenance

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