Fresh Waste Management

Fresh MSW Processing

Fresh MSW Processing

Our world generates approximately 2.01 million tonnes (annually) of solid municipal waste alone. But, only 33 percent of that overly conservative waste- is not disposed of safely. Yes, Improper or poor waste management techniques can lead to unexpected climate changes along with affecting the quality of the air. If ignores, it can later negatively impact our ecosystems and the species. This is why an automatic waste segregation machine is needed.

What exactly is MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)?

Simply put, MSW or Municipal Solid Waste is the amount of garbage or trash being thrown by the public on land, water, or elsewhere. The quantity of these unnecessary discarded items or materials is somehow increasing in geometrical proportions.

Most leading waste management company in India like DCC INFRA PRIVATE LIMITED handle, store, transfer, transport, procession, dispose and most importantly recycle the collection of waste carefully. This means that we are settling, breaking as well as resetting your garbage in a safe zone following all the Government guidelines, rules and policies. Using advanced yet modern recyclable machines, the company is treating both domestic as well as commercial waste without harming the general public health and the environment.


DCC INFRA PRIVATE LIMITED is a notable manufacturer of waste segregation plants with a focus on handling, controlling, and managing the earth’s waste. We are significantly contributing toward making the waste management infrastructure look smart, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Since our inception, we have infused the right of technology and high-quality segregation sorting machines- making sure no garbage or waste ends up in landfills.

We are driven by the “RECYCLING”, “REUSING”, & “REDUCING” factor by implementing decentralized disposal solutions to make the world “GO GREEN”.

How Our Plastic Waste Management Strategy Can Help?

Plastic waste management is not all about the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste. It is more about monitoring, controlling, and recycling the waste generated while reducing the burden from landfills.

Here’s what our plastic waste management techniques can do:

  • We are the pioneers in the processing and disposal of tonnes of municipal waste with less effort and time.
  • Our contemporary MSW processing plant is offering systematic solutions to treat each waste like paper, plastic, electronics, glass, etc. separately.
  • As the industry is heading towards digitization, we are bringing revolutionary change giving a technological curve to get the job done professionally.
  • Our team of professionals and experts is systematically making the MSW process customizable to tackle the different kinds of waste in one go.
  • We are passionate about creating a circular economy while recycling or reusing all kinds of plastic waste using only patented waste sorting machines.

Your Garbage Disposal Solutions Ends Safe With Us!

Being an independent integrated waste management organization, we have taken the opportunity to offer you one-of-a-kind fresh MSW processing services to ease your waste disposal techniques. From understanding the Quantity of garbage produced to maintaining the Quality of our methodology, we are tackling almost every challenging task of efficiently managing the MSW process.

If you’re looking for perfect municipal waste treatment solutions, we are just a call away!