Organic Waste Composter (OWC)

Organic Waste Composter: 50Kgs, 150Kgs, 500Kgs, 2000Kgs

Organic Waste Composter (OWC) 

Waste management is all about focusing and emphasizing three important R’s- REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. Compositing is one of the effective methods of treating, managing as well as controlling municipal solid waste while accomplishing all three of the R’s. In another word, it is a sustainable waste management technique or practice that effortlessly converts any amount of accumulated organic waste into a usable product but using an organic waste composter (OWC machines) only. 

Why Waste Composting Machine? Because a waste composter can make your process easier while performing everything from sorting, separating, and reducing the size to even digestion of the refuse. Managing food waste is no more a “BIG” issue now especially when you have an automatic DCC composter with you.


The composting machine is a perfect solution that has overshadowed conventional composting techniques. It is one of a kind power-packed composter for waste management machine boasts of things like:

    1. The machine helps in treating solid as well as liquid-based waste materials comfortably
    2. It handles almost every type of organic waste
    3. The machine is having low operating expense with high performance
    4. The composting machine occupies a small space rather than a larger one
    5. It can convert up to 50 kgs to 2000 kgs of organic waste within hours
    6. The machine focuses on pasteurizing the organic waste that helps to eliminate overwhelming biological agents- fungi, bacteria, viruses to name a few.
    7. The machine is usually made up of stainless steel that demands durability and a long-extended life span.
    8. The machine neither spills the waste nor poses any danger


From facilitating the composting process to even providing better quality composts without any trouble. Each feature-rich composter machine is professionally designed to bring you high-quality compost allowing you to minimize the decomposition process and boosting productivity alike. Having said that, let us take you through the importance of having an automated composter:

  • Faster and Result-Oriented Processing

Unlike the traditional methods of managing waste, using machine technology means you are not only completing your composting process within hours but also saving money as well effort at the same time.


  • Pollution & Noise Free

DCC Composter is a productive machine with no toxic characteristics. It is also hassle-free, pollution-free, and noise-free resulting in saving operating manpower with ease.

  • One Perfect Solution

This machine has the unimaginable qualities of managing almost all kinds of food organic waste such as vegetables,non-vegetables, eggs, fruits, meats, fish, crab, etc. It is a perfect solution composter for residential complexes, hotels, restaurants, etc. You get the privilege of organizing organic waste organically without the need for a landfill or incineration.

If you are looking for composter machines that are noise-free, and pollution-free while making your process hassle-free, then you must invest in the best composter in Delhi.

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