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DCC INFRA PRIVATE LIMITED DCC Infra Private Limited is one of the emerging manufacturers of Municipal Solid Waste processing plant, waste segregation machines and equipment such as Trommel, Conveyor Belts, Baling Machine, Ballistic Separator and other MSW Equipment's in India


MSW Plants and Machinery

In India, tons of municipal solid waste is generated every day. With the growing population, the amount of waste generated is also multiplying. This waste includes the garbage from residential homes, societies, offices, construction and demolition waste and commercial waste which is a mixture of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.

The waste so generated is then collected and thrown to some government garbage bins which is then transferred to bigger Solid waste management sites allocated by respective Municipal corporations of that region.

Municipal Solid Waste Management takes care of effective dumping, collection, waste segregation, and other MSW Operations held over the years at the Landfill site.

MSW plants are huge waste management plants fitted with a large number of waste recyclers and use heavy equipment like trommels, ballistic separators, etc. for separating out the recyclable Zero waste and converting it into reusable products to make the best out of waste management and decomposition.

MSW Operations

Effective management is the key to best waste management systems and thus the plants are operated by highly professional and trained manpower. While the machines are supervised at every step, the entire plant is managed by skilled engineers. The operation of machines is monitored and efficient working is ensured.

To ensure a healthy environment the plants plan the release products like organic matter from biomass products, inorganic matter, paper, metal, sand, and stones.

DCC aims to develop a systematic waste management system in India covering the complete process from MSW Landfill Management with the help of bulldozers, excavators, Waste Segregation through Trommels & Ballistic Separator machines, to providing material recovery facilities of the Segregated waste material. 

Setup of Trommel Machines (General)

  1. Pre- buried steel plate

Before installation, the steel plate is embedded according to the requirements of the equipment installation drawing, and the upper plane of the embedded steel plate should be placed on the same plane. The pre-embedded steel plates and foot bolts required for installation are provided by the installation unit.

  1. Installation of the sieve body

Based on the location of the feeding port and the discharge port of the equipment, the location of installation of the screen body shall be determined.

  1. Install the base bracket

The two ends of the sieve body are mounted on the base bracket by lifting, and the angle of installation of the trommel body is adjusted to the angle of design, and finally the welding is fixed.

  1. Connect the inlet and outlet
  2. Connect the lower bracket sealing plate of the sieve body.

The trommel Screen panel cylinder must be switched by hand.


In basic terms, a trommel is a mining instrument consisting of a cylindrical drum that has several holes of a given dimension. The holes aid with the classification, because as the drum rotates, it just makes the material fall shorter than the holes, while the majority of the material spills out of the other end of the trommel. Trommels are well known and widely used in different scale mining operations around the world.

Ballistic Separator

DCC Ballistic Separators are designed for sorting 2D materials (plastic film, paper, cardboard, and fibers) and 3D materials (containers, plastic bottles, cans, brick, wood, etc.).

The separator can accommodate various categories of material, including single-stream, urban solid waste, commercial and industrial waste. With the experience of many ballistic separators being built in INDIA, DCC is one of the top manufacturers of ballistic separators in India. We have perfected the design and construction method of the ballistic separator over time, assembling it with accessories such as blower, self-cleaning brushes, and automatic inclination variation, enabling the municipal solid waste to achieve very high efficiencies of separation. All the commercial parts of the ballistic separator are of the highest quality, manufactured by reputable production, from the bearings to the gear-motors.


Baling Machine

Hydraulic scrap baling machine is a manual/fully automatic waste management equipment that processes garbage or scrap including metals (stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc.), plastic, paper, etc by applying hydraulic force on the waste material from dual directions. It is an advanced scrap processing system that is in high demand in the market as it efficiently processes the scrap which may even have a great monetary value.

The baler machine consists of a cylinder attached horizontally and a vertical press that applies force in the vertical direction so as to push the scrap material towards the exit of the baler called the ejection door. As the press forces the scrap bundle inside the cylinder from two different angles, it is forced out of the machine.
This is an easy maintenance machine that is fitted with the necessary safety features, consumes low power and thus offers to work at lower cost per ton as compared to other baler machines. It enhances the overall efficiency of our Waste Recycler Plant and helps in express waste management.

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