Importance of Ballistic Separator in Waste Management

Importance of Ballistic separator

Do you know the world’s largest democratic country India alone generates 62 million tons of waste every year? Out of which, around 43 million tons are treated or collected and approximately 13 million tonnes are illegally dumped in landfills or seas. But, with the rise of such massive waste coming from residential as well as commercial spaces, the industrial revolution is also taking place. Thanks to the powerful waste segregation machine-like Ballistic Separators that allow the waste management companies to collect, separate, and sort out different kinds of waste materials professionally.

More Productive Than Any Conventional Machines

Unlike traditional machines, a Ballistic Separator offers a multitude of benefits with less manpower and maintenance. The lowest operational cost, power consumption, and fast production are one of the appreciated benefits that this versatile application single-handedly offers.

Multiple Adjustment Possibilities

The professionally designed machine consists of high load segregation devices such as replaceable screening plates, flexible set of paddles, adjustable screen plates, etc. that allow the machine to work perfectly even in a closed environment. The Movable Ballistic Separator ensures to sort out of the complex materials efficiently and most importantly boost the performance.

Easy & Safe Maintenance

From sorting our 2D materials to 3D materials, the high-quality application can be configured without putting in the extra effort. Every aspect of the device is designed systematically with easy and fast maintenance to address the most difficult challenges related to waste management.

Adapt to Change Automatically

Being known for its world-class performance, reliability, and productivity, the Importance of Ballistic separator allows the user to adjust the parameters according to the type of materials. An advanced machine like this not only makes the process uncomplicated but also ensures complete the separating process within the stipulated time.


Since the inception of Ballistic Separator, it has brought a massive and positive change in the field of waste management. The possibilities of this result-oriented machine are endless and incomparable. No matter whether you wanted to separate light materials or heavy ones, an application like this i.e ballistic separator can make the sorting process worthwhile.

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