Benefits of Extended Producer Responsibility

Benefits of Extended Producer Responsibility, The Plastic waste management industry in India

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a legislative strategy under which producers are given significant responsibility for the fair treatment or disposal of post-consumer products. EPR is used by most industrialized nations to promote reuse, recycling, and eco-friendly disposal of polymer waste. The responsibility lies with the EPR of disposal of this waste to the manufacturer of the goods.

Need for Extended Producer Responsibility in the informal recycling economy

EPR is an important policy tool for cleaning up the waste produced by our economy. Here’s why:

  • The significant approach of EPR reduces the environmental impact of the waste as well as leads to a lower cost of production of the new product.
  • It gradually shifts the economic burden of the cost of disposal from the government to the producer of the product.
  • EPR encourages design for recycling while discouraging the use of toxic components used in the product.
  • Extended Producer Responsibility makes the design of the product more environmentally friendly by shifting the costs associated with disposal to the producer.

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