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Waste segregation plant

MSW Plants and Machinery

In India, tons of municipal solid waste is generated every day. With the growing population, the amount of waste generated is also multiplying. This waste includes the garbage from residential homes, societies, offices, construction and demolition waste and commercial waste which is a mixture of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.

The waste so generated is then collected and thrown to some government garbage bins which is then transferred to bigger Solid waste management sites allocated by respective Municipal Corporation of that region.

Municipal Solid Waste Management takes care of effective dumping, collection, segregation and other MSW Operations held over the years at the Landfill site.

MSW plants are huge waste management plants fitted with a large number of waste recyclers and use heavy machines like trommels, ballistic separators, etc. for separating out the recyclable waste and converting it into reusable products to make the best out of waste management and decomposition.



There is a mechanical solution to separating out the waste and categorize them; these machines are called Trommels. They are heavy duty screening machines widely used in the waste processing industry and MSW plants to separate the different types of waste. 

A trommel screen consists of a cylindrical drum which has many different size holes on its surface and works in a circular motion. As the drum rotates, the screen allows a particular size waste to be separated out forming a pile eg manure while the waste that is bigger than the size of the hole is retained at the back of the cylinder.

However, the machine requires some manpower for smooth operation, it is easy to use and operation safe. It is even possible to operate a trommel for both dry and wet waste. They are highly effective machines which play an important role in our Zero Waste Mission as waste recycling and waste reuse is only possible once the waste is correctly separated.

Ballistic Separator

Ballistic separator, as the name indicates is a high load segregating device that separates out wastes of different kinds. It consists of parallel agitating paddles and a deck which oscillate at high speed so as to sort a stream of waste passed through it. Waste products having similar shapes and sizes are separated out from the rest in two or three fractions, for example, the stones, C&D waste (Construction & Demolition waste), glass and metal substances are easily separated from the reusable paper, plastic, cardboard, and other recyclable products along with RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) while the rest minus material is separated out.

This machine can be used in both big and small plants as it is highly adjustable and simple to install.

Ballistic Separator
MSW Operation

MSW Operations

Effective management is the key to best waste management systems and thus the plants are operated by highly professional and trained manpower. While the machines are supervised at every step, the entire plant is managed by skilled engineers. The operation of machines is monitored and efficient working is ensured.

To ensure a healthy environment the plants plan the release products like organic matter from biomass products, inorganic matter, paper, metal, sand, and stones.

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